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Come with us or die..

You have entered the Jungle and the normal world is but a distant memory, now you are trapped and you must leave it behind if you want to live. For you have landed in a mysterious place of the weird and wonderful. For although this jungle holds many secrets and treasures, inside also lurk many dangers that only you can navigate with growing shopping skills and cunning.

There is no escape… but there are riches to be had for those who learn to survive.

So join us now

We are your fellow tribesmen, from all over the world we have been brought to this dangerous rainforest and we must depend on one another to make it past the monstrous creatures and discover the unique and valuable items hiding inside. Join us to defend yourself against the threats lurking behind every bush and tree, and to share the clues to finding the most valuable objects hidden in this crazy jungle.

Time is short, and every second counts!

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